Meet The Team

Rochel Leah Bernstein


Rochel Leah Bernstein is the founder of Child Safety Pledge, an organization committed to preventing and combating child sexual abuse in the United States.

A proud mother of four and stepmother to a teenage son, she is passionate about non-profit causes in the child sexual abuse prevention and advocacy space and the mental health arena. Rochel Leah also serves on several non-profit boards and lives in Los Angeles with her husband Yossi, and their children.

Avremi Zippel


As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse himself, Avremi is an advocate and activist for survivors both within the Jewish community and in the world at large.

Moishe Chanin, PCC

Men's Group Facilitator

Moishe is a professionally licensed Life Coach, is on the board of, hosts a podcast for mental health awareness in the Frum community, and is heavily involved in the Chabad community to help heal and raise awareness for mental health.

Moishe’s coaching is custom to each client, and has had the great merit of working and assisting people with a wide range of objectives and goals, including improving their mental, social, financial, family relationships.

Bruchy Moskovics, LMSW, CCLS

Women's Group Facilitator

Bruchy is a social worker and Child Life Specialist practicing in NYC and Brooklyn. She has been working within the frum community for several years, and brings a compassionate and curious understanding of the specific nuances of the goings-on within.
In addition to utilizing theories such as IFS, Somatic work, Narrative Therapy, and DBT skills, Bruchy is training in Psychodrama and Sociometry, techniques she brings to her therapy groups in a novel and inspirational way. Bruchy has led groups in parenting, Intuitive Eating, Inner Child work, Grief processing, and Internal Family Systems, and is now grateful for the opportunity to bring this kind of therapy to the courageous survivors joining Nitzolim.

Hershel Stevens

Community Ambassador

A survivor of child sexual abuse, Hershel has learned to take back control of his life and strives to share his strength in healing with other survivors, as well.

Yocheved Sidof

Strategic Advisor

Yocheved Sidof is a social entrepreneur, activist, writer, and strategic advisor. In 2010, she challenged normative school models and founded a progressive Chassidic school, Lamplighters Yeshivah. Under her decade as CEO, Lamplighters grew from a hopeful endeavor to a fast-growing, internationally recognized movement in education reform. Yocheved harnesses her unique background to advise founders and philanthropists on adaptive leadership, change management, branding and outreach. She’s a mom of five, personal-transformation junkie, avid dreamer, and willful doer. Stop by and say “hi!” if you’re in Crown Heights.

Lu Simon


An impact consultant with experience in strategic planning, and management consultant in the realm of philanthropy.

1 in 10 children are sexually abused by the time they are 18 years old, and the effects last long into adulthood, affecting every part of a survivors’ life. To me, this project means providing survivors with tools, bringing the conversation out in the open, taking away the stigmas and shame, and begin the healing.