About Us

We started Nitzolim because it was personal.

We started it, because we are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and had benefitted from strong support systems around us, that had given us something and someone to lean on, on the days when we felt we could not stand on our own.

We also know so many in our own community that are struggling to carry this burden all on their own, and have not yet had a chance to know what feels like to be a part of something larger than themselves. Even for those who have spent substantial time in therapy, and have made all the right moves to get on their own healing journey, survivors of child abuse are looking for fellow survivors and peers to share it with.

It is our hope that Nitzolim will be able to provide the loving and supportive safety net that we have come to rely on so heavily in our own experiences. By giving survivors the chance to connect with others whose experiences are so like their own, we hope to alleviate the burden of loneliness once and for all, and continue to spread that light to the many that need it. 

It’s also our hope that by creating this sort of community and fostering these sorts of connections, we can also help our wider community see this issue differently and as a strong network of brother and sister survivors doing their best to bring awareness and a change in perspective to those still struggling to understand the societal issue of childhood sexual abuse.

“A rising tide lifts all boats”, and we sincerely hope that a stronger survivor community will create a more loving, welcoming and supportive wider community, and bring the needed hope and healing to survivors everywhere.

Linking arms and raising one another up has been life changing for us. We hope being part of Nitzolim will do the same for you!

Rochel Leah Bernstein and Rabbi Avremi Zippel

Nitzolim Founders